HippoBase - General Overview

HippoBase is an internet-based software system which aims to simplify the data exchange between national equestrian federations (NFs) and organizers of international equestrian shows (OCs).
The core functionality for OCs is the automated online receipt of all entry data from NFs. Besides this HippoBase offers sophisticated support for general event management especially for accommodation and accreditation. For NFs and OCs the system considerably simplifies the entry process as competitor and horse data can either be picked from an NF-controlled internal archive or copied from the FEI registration database which almost completely eliminates typing.

HippoBase overview

HippoBase avoids the traditional textual transfer of information from NFs to OCs by fax or email which required that all information be re-entered on the OC side. Instead NFs submit information on competitors and horses online directly into a section of HippoBase set up for a particular show. For the OC the immediate availability of structured information opens unprecedented possibilities for reporting and data handling during the preparation of an event. For example one and the same the record of a competitor can be used automatically

  • to check the competitor's registration/suspension at the FEI,
  • appear on a participants list on the OC's official website,
  • on a list for stable planning,
  • print lists, stickers and box labels before the show starts,
  • to forward entry data to the result service company,
  • on the guest list of a hotel,
  • to issue the right wristband or accreditation pass,
  • to plan airport pickup for the shuttle service.
In traditional show management the name of the competitor would probably be typed eight times for each occurrence above.

During the preparation phase of the show members of the OC can cooperate online from their home office on all above mentioned aspects using multiple logins. Besides functions for sports data the system can also efficiently handle contact details, hotel bookings and accreditation for a large number of guests, staff, officials and media.

In contrast to computer result service companies, HippoBase does not deal with the on-site data handling during an event. It concentrates on supporting organizers during the often stressful preparation phase of an event.

HippoBase is well prepared for large shows and championships having special requirements:

  • A fully synchronised interface to the onsite accreditation printing system offered by Equinis allows to control the accreditation from the OC's office.
  • Full support for FEI championships: Special FEI-approved forms are generated for nominated entries and certificates of capability. The FEI has access to HippoBase and approves participation directly in the system.
  • Horses flying to show? Peden Bloodstock, the world leader for international horse transports has a flight booking system which is connected to HippoBase.

By the end of 2010

  • HippoBase has been used to prepare more than a total of 150 events including world and continental championships in 16 countries,
  • some 170 users from over 70 national equestrain federations had a user account for HippoBase and
  • the archive for national federations contained over 8500 competitors and 18000 horses from all eight FEI disciplines.