HippoBase - Archive for National Federations

Permantent Storage for National Federations

ArchiveOverview HippoBase allows national federations to store detailed data of competitors and horses in a section only accessible to them. Once a competitor or horse has been stored in the archive, it can be added to the entry list of an event with just a few mouse clicks.

Competitors are primarily grouped by their discipline.

In order to distinguish easily between data in the archive and data for an event, two colors are used:
brown for the archive and grey for events.

By the end of 2006, the archive for all national federations together contained some 5000 competitors and 10000 horses from all eight FEI disciplines.


ArchiveHorseList Versatile lists allow to filter and sort competitors and horses by various criteria. In the Olympic diciplines, this includes an order of the top 500 of a recent FEI world ranking which is very useful to bring together the leading riders of a country. Detail columns can be shown or hidden depending on the current focus of the user. This makes all lists also suitable for printing.


ArchiveCompetitor Details which can be saved for competitors include name, a picture for accreditation, a primary discipline, FEI-ID, national-ID, sex, date of birth, address, email, phone numbers and riding club.

The date, time and user name of the latest modification are saved individually. The user names of people not being part of the NF staff might appear here as well. This is because the Equinis staff usually copies sensible modifications made by show office personnel to the archive after an event.


ArchiveHorse Horses detail contain name, name extensions, FEI passport number, national passport number, a primary discipline, sex, color, age, country of birth, breed, sire, dam, sire of dam, owner(s) with address, breeder with address and the regular bedding (shavings/straw).

Loose Relationship of Competitors and Horses

ArchiveSearchHorse Horses are only loosely assigned to a competitor. The assignment serves solely to quickly select from a likely choice of horses when a competitor is entered for an event.

If a horse was once picked to perform at a show with a different rider the system assumes that this will also be his future rider.

When selecting horses for a competitor the system encourages the user to comprehensively search the archive first before a new horse is added. When horses are "stolen" from riders at other national federations the system asks if the new national federation is willing to take the future responsibility for the maintenance of that horse.