Consulting for Equestrian Event Organizers

Our collaboration with dozens of major event organizers in many different countries has showed us a variety of ways to organize an event in general and equestrian events in particular. Very often we are also confronted with the little details. Not all organizing teams are equally efficient at all tasks. A smart solution for some minor detail at one event might represent a major leap forwards for another one, where things are "done how they have always been done".

Amongst other topics we can offer you our knowledge on the following:

  • Schedule: Conditions for many "non-sport" issues which make things clear for national federations in the first place. Avoid misunderstandings during the preparation of the show.
  • Communication with National Federations: Due to our services, we work with national federations all year round, know their habits and who to talk to.
  • Access Control / Accreditation: We have seen good and bad examples and contributed substantially to the organization of many succesful accreditations like WEG Aachen 2006 or the World Cup Finals Kuala Lumpur 2006 and Las Vegas 2007. In close cooperation with our partner hippo data we offer the best hands-on experience in the equestrian business for printing and issuing picture accreditation.

  • Alternatively, a new CheckIn-module build directly into our software allows an efficient distribution of wrist bands.
  • Hotel: Ways of blocking and distributing rooms and informing the concerned guests about a booking. No matter if you have to pay competitor rooms or not.